Technical After-Sales Department

This unit is organised into two centres. Each centre is dedicated to one of our two product categories: products for the general consumer and products for industry.

After-Sales unit for KOHLER-SDMO generating sets

The consumer centre takes care of the after-sales service for generating sets up to 15kW. It has two main tasks:

  • Repair of the entire Portable Power product range, both under warranty and outside warranty
  • Maintenance and servicing of our products up to 15 kW through our network of support centres in France and our agents outside France.

Visit the PORTABLES AREA (1-15 kW)

The industrial centre ensures the smooth running of our power plants. The Technical Support team oversees the implementation of complex installations and acts as an interface for all questions concerning maintenance of SDMO generating set installations. SDMO Technical Support uses its network of subsidiaries, representative offices and distributors to offer a local service to customers all over the world.

Need technical information? Send your question to the industrial technical support team.