Oil and gas extraction sites

Oil and gas extraction sites are very demanding environments, requiring a powerful and reliable electricity supply for equipment and heavy processes.

Generators for oil and gas extraction sites

Generating sets are essential both to power site facilities and to produce the power required for operations, as well as to supply backup power if the electricity supply fails, so avoiding significant financial losses. The diversity of extraction sites requires using equipment designed for difficult environments, as much in terms of temperature as humidity or dust.

KOHLER-SDMO helps you to determine the generating set best suited to your needs and works with you to build your custom power solution for your oil & gas installation, which should be robust, reliable and at optimised operating cost. To this end, KOHLER-SDMO draws on its experience of the numerous projects it has conducted with companies of worldwide renown in the oil and gas extraction industry. Such collaborative projects have provided it with benchmark expertise in the field, enabling it to design, manufacture and install electricity power plants tailored to this especially demanding environment.